Penny Fellbrich, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in San Francisco and Burlingame
Penny Fellbrich, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

dating coaching & psychotherapy

I help men create fulfilling relationships
and meaningful lives
with the women they want

Does your fear of being rejected by women hold you back from going for what you want?
Imagine confidently asking a woman for a date – and feeling good about yourself even if she turns you down.

Do you work late to avoid the awkwardness of dating?
Imagine enjoying dating – and having more fun and ease connecting with women.

Do you ever freeze around attractive women?
Imagine feeling comfortable in your body while talking with women – and feeling women respond to you.

Do you feel proficient in your work yet nervous around women?
Imagine feeling as confident talking with women as you do in your job.

Are you frustrated by the lack of women and sex in your life?
Imagine being able to attract and sustain relationships with amazing women.

Are you tired of being alone – but don’t know where to start?
Start here. Now. Call me to schedule a coaching session: 415 967 3669

The good news is that relationship skills can easily be learned.  Dating and relationship coaching is an effective – and fun – way to gain more confidence and skills, as well as learn new ways of being to have the kinds of interactions with women you desire.

By exploring where you get stuck, we can come up with strategies to have you feel and be more successful with women.  I will show you how to create more fulfilling interactions and relationships with women in a way in which you get to be yourself.

I provide a window into the often confusing world of women’s hearts and heads.  In working with me, you will have a place to practice the kinds of conversations you’d like to have with women and receive compassionate, honest, practical feedback, guiding you towards being your most authentic self with women.

I am passionately committed to inspiring and assisting men to create fulfilling relationships and meaningful lives.  I am dedicated to you having more satisfaction, love and intimacy in your life.  I am dedicated to you having what you want.

Feel free to call me to schedule a session: 415 967 3669  

or email Penny@HavingWhatYouWant.com

Offices in San Francisco and Burlingame.

Not a man wanting to date women?
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